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One person can do so much - Tackle climate change with us !

Dear value visitor, you have been chosen to take part in our survey.
Your views and opinions are a vital part of this process.
Join the Global - Visitors who have let us know what they think about tackling climate change by filling in this short survey.
You will help us in the Independent Research we support on carbon offsetting, new ways and peoples' active participation.

Your opinion matters *

What's your country?

Have you heard of “climate change”? *

Are you worried about climate change? *

Have you ever taken, or do you regularly take, any action out of concern for climate change? *

Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements about climate change by ticking one box on each row: *
Agree strongly Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Disagree strongly
We can all do our bit to reduce the effects of climate change
I would only do my bit to reduce climate change if  positive effects start now
I am uncertain about whether climate change is really happening
I tend to consider information about climate change to be irrelevant to me
The government is not doing enough to tackle climate change
Climate change is inevitable
Nothing I do makes any difference to climate change one way or another

What would you expect in exchange for your contribution in tackling climate change (tick one box on each row) ? *
Agree strongly Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Disagree strongly
I feel a moral duty to do something about climate change
The Governments should provide incentives for people to look after the environment
I don't feel I want to participate
I expect positive effect now

Thank you for your collaboration.

We are o concerned about the confidentiality and anonymity of your survey responses. Your responses won’t be linked back to your personal information. Fill in the forms below if you'd like to arrange our free consultation. Or skip it if you won't and submit your anonymous survey. THANK YOU






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